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Martin Ricardo Cisneros (@TheTechProfe) is a Modern Learning Advisor, speaker, GeekDad, TechJedi, SuperMariachi, and now an Education Evangelist at Adobe, from Silicon Valley! In his 28+ years in various educational roles, he  provided strategic leadership in anticipating and developing appropriate and innovative systems for future needs and challenges regarding the school district or educational county office information technology program and blended learning in the workplace and classroom. Martin develops and facilitates professional learning on modern educational trends for the purpose of improving teaching and learning through innovative and creative processes. He has developed many blended curricular programs, some of which have been adopted by districts, universities, and others that have been rolled out country-wide.

He presents at various local, regional, statewide and nationwide educational conferences on ways to support blended and innovating teaching and learning.

Elevating the landscape of global education with an extensive pedagogical repertoire, Martin exemplifies unmatched expertise and pioneering insight as a distinguished educational leader. His vast experience spans multiple echelons of academic instruction, imparting knowledge to a diverse array of students and professionals across the United States, Canada, and Latin America, attesting to his versatility and expansive understanding of varied educational environments.

With an advanced degree in Educational Leadership, Martin transcends conventional boundaries, honored as an inaugural Google Certified Innovator (Mountain View '08) and esteemed Google Certified Trainer. His multilingual proficiency further accentuates his global impact, enhancing his role as a Bilingual Conference Speaker and enabling meaningful cross-cultural connections.

Martin's extensive accolades illuminate his commitment to pioneering educational excellence. Esteemed as an Apple Teacher and esteemed member of CUE Professional Lead Learner/Rockstar Teacher Faculty/B.O.L.D. Faculty, he consistently demonstrates his unwavering commitment to leveraging technology to elevate educational outcomes. In roles such as Leading Edge Professional Developer, Online & Blended Educator, and Digital Educator, he drives innovative digital strategies, propelling schools into the vanguard of 21st-century education.

As an Ambassador to a multitude of globally utilized edtech products and a distinguished Social Media Ambassador for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Martin's influence reverberates throughout the international educational community. His leadership roles within CISC California Digital Learning Collaborative (CA DLC) and as a Krause Center for Innovation Professional Facilitator further underscore his pivotal role in shaping contemporary educational paradigms.

Beyond his impressive array of titles and certifications, Martin's substantive contributions as a modern learning consultant for various national educational institutions stand paramount. His comprehensive career journey, marked by pivotal roles including educator, curriculum coach, administrator, professional development coordinator, technology director, and technology integration specialist, particularly within California’s diverse school districts, encapsulates his holistic understanding of the educational ecosystem.

In summary, Martin's unparalleled experience, multifaceted expertise, and dynamic leadership in pioneering educational initiatives unequivocally establish him as a vanguard in the realm of innovative educational solutions, contributing substantively to shaping the global educational future.


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Face to face customized K-12 professional development

Blended Learning: Implement a skills over a longer period of time with choice, pace, place & time with a professional learning experience that is both face to face and online (Blended Learning).

Keynotes - Inspiration, humor, pedagogy, and a call to action to meet your institution goals.

Digital Badges: Let us develop a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments for all of your educators.

Online Learning - Let me and my team develop the right courses that takes your skill set to the next level!

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