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GeekDad | TechJedi | Speaker | Ed Innovation Specialist | Google Innovator/Trainer | Apple Teacher | CUE Rockstar/Professional Learning Lead /B.O.L.D. Faculty/Technology Leader Network Lead | MontereyBayCUE Board‍‍‍ | Leading Edge Certification Professional Developer/Online & Blended Educator/Digital Educator/Professional Learning Leader | Krau‍‍‍se Center for Innovation Professional Facilitator | ISTE Social Media Ambassador

"Martin’s active participation as a leader in the edtech community is to be commended. I and many other technology leaders have benefited from Martin’s leadership in CUE’s Learning Networks and professional development events over the years. Martin’s willingness to help others, his ability to lead with empathy and understanding and his commitment to teachers and stude‍‍‍nts has been a great benefit to the CUE community. As a CUE Board member, I greatly appreciate his volunteer efforts on the organization’s behalf."
‍‍‍ Andrew Schwab @anotherschwab
CCTO Associate Superintendent, Learning & Innovation
Union School District

Yours in I‍‍‍nnovative Ed

This workshop will present digital pathways to transform instruction for English Learners and to address the 4 Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. These innovative resources are natural vehicles for engaging student interest, for differentiating reading and writing assignments, and for revisiting skills and content in a new, meaningful format. They can become an invaluable part of the small group structure, allowing the teacher more time for RTI, ELD, or other small group instruction.

Sketchnoting is more than a way to capture information visually. It is a strategy that combine‍‍‍s visual, motor and cognitive processes that fully engage students in their learning!

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of educators who already possess a strong foundation in using of the G Suite platform. Explore‍‍‍ advanced features and concepts to extend your knowledge to modern classroom engagement!

from family, ‍‍‍friends, co-workers or whoever...‍‍‍


Critical Thinker, ‍‍‍ Communicator , Collaborative‍‍‍

Martin is effective in all these groups because he’s a living embodiment of the 4Cs. Martin is incredibly CREATIVE leader and edu-innovator and his presentations and educational solutions are proof of that, he’s a CRITICAL THINKER able to identify weaknesses in plans or activities and develop solutions on the fly. Martin is a great COMMUNICATOR, adept in face to face, email and social media. I’ve never met anyone more COLLABORATIVE than Martin. He’s a perennial “yes and” type of teammate - always ready to pitch in and make the team look and perform better.

Jon Corippo @jcorippo
‍‍‍‍‍‍Executive‍‍‍ Director
CUE: Powerful Learning

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