is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge.”

“The role of the teacher

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Events & Workshops‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍


‍‍‍Coding Unplugged (Monterey COE CS Jam 2017), Digital Learning Strategies for ELL’s (Perris USD, PD for Admin), Accessibility in Chrome for All Learners (CETPA 2017 Conference), Innovative Environments for Modern ELLs, (BEST Results for ELL Conference), Cultivating a Future-Ready Mindset Through Desig‍‍‍n Thinking & Tech Tesoros for ELL Instruction in the Modern Classroom (Fall CUE 2017), Making Thinking Visible for ELLs! (Alisal USD Tech Rodeo 2017), Stop! Animate & Listen! (Monterey Bay Aquarium Tech Conference), Newbie by Default (Keynote: Krause Center for Innovation Google Summit), Deep Dive in Tech Tesoros (Simi Valley USD ELL Tech Conference), A History of Modern ELL Strategies (Excellence through Equity Conference 2017), Tech Tesoros and Learning Environments for ELLs (Petaluma USD Conference 2017), Digital Citizenship for ELL’s (Turlock USD CUE Black Label),  Advanced Google Hacks for Modern Teachers (Escuela Bilingüe Internacional), Making Thinking Visible (Google Apps for Education Summit Concord 2017), Blended Instruction for EL Modern Learners (Petaluma City Schools PD Day), Digital Citizenship for Modern Learners (CUE Black Label Turlock USD), Future Ready Mindset Through Design Thinking (Alum Rock PD Day), Guiding English Learners in Successful Common Core Research Experiences (Library Bootcamp SCCOE), G Suite for Special Ed (Spec Ed PD Day SCCOE), Pathways of Professional Learning with Digital Badges (ISTE National Conference 2017), Bust This! Debunking the Myths of K12 Digital Open Badging (National Badge Summit 2017), MERIT Hawaii (Krause Center for Innovation 2017), Modern Learning Keynote (San Jose USD), Stop! Animate & Listen (CUE B.O.L.D. 2017), Tech Tesoros for ELL Instruction in the Modern Classroom (CUE Black Label Simi Valley USD), Professional Learning Design (Tech Lead Network National CUE Conference), Teacher Tech Tools: Common Core Instruction for EL Students & the 4 Cs (K-12) and Digital Resources to Engage EL Students with Authentic, Relevant Learning Experiences (14th Annual Academic Success Institute 2017) Tech Tesoros for ELL Instruction in the Modern Classroom (CISC Conference 2017), Engage Ell Students With Authentic Learning Experiences and Relevant Digital Resources, Tech Tools for Common Core-Aligned ELL Instruction & the 4 Cs (2016 CA Charter School Conference), Building Professional Development for Modern Educators (Digital Curriculum Tactics Symposium at Stanford University 2016), Reaching All Learners, Apple Tools for Special Needs, Tech Tesoros for ELL Instruction in CCSS (Fall CUE 2016), Tech Tesoros for ELL Instruction in CCSS, Google-izing Student Research Workflow for Elementary Information Literacy (Google Summit Los Altos Hills 2016), Designing Playlist to Differentiate Instruction (CUE Rockstar Black Label b Rock 2016), Hyperdocs - Lesson Design for Modern Classrooms (CUE GWE American International School 2016), Building Capacity from the Inside Out (ISTE 2016), Digital Rodeo 2015).


  • “Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century” PD Soledad USD - Jan 5, 2018 -  Soledad, Ca - Keynote (Newbie by Default) & Workshops (Not your Tia’s OLD ELD Strategies! Tools to Help ELL Students Follow Their Passions & STOP! Animate & Listen!)
  • Developing English Learners' Literacy through the Arts & Technology - Jan 5, 2018 - CSULA Los Angeles, Ca - Keynote
  • California League of Schools – Teaching with Technology Conference - February 2-4, 2018 - Monterey, CA - Workshop - Stop! Animate and Listen!, Making Thinking Visible!, and CUE Rock Star Jam Sessions
  • CISC 2018 - Feb 21-23, 2018 - Monterey, CA - Workshop - Tech Tesoros for Modern English Learners
  • National CUE 2018 Conference - March 14-17, 2018 - Palm Springs, Ca - Workshops - Tech “Tesoros” for ELL Instruction in the Modern Classroom
  • LEAD 3 Symposium‍‍‍‍‍‍ - April 12-14, 2018 - San Francisco, Ca -  Pathways of Professional Learning with Digital Badges
  • CUE B.O.L.D. 2018 - May 5-6, 2018 -  Laguna Beach, Ca
  • ISTE 2018 - June 24–27, 2018 - ‍‍Chicago, IL - Workshop - Pathways of Professional Learning with Digital Badges